Outsmarting Simon

New Brunswick, NJ… not the first place that comes to mind as a hotbed of indie culture. Chapel Hill, yes. Brooklyn, yes. New Bruns, no. Not yet. It was there three years ago that, while taking residence in the freshman dorms of Rutgers University, the formation of what was to become Outsmarting Simon took shape. In between coffee driven nights of cramming for engineering exams (3 members hold engineering degrees and 1 holds a music degree and English degree) the boys found time to start cranking out tunes that fuse the post-hardcore sensibilities of Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate with moments of soaring, atmospheric indie rock a la Appleseed Cast.

In the three years since their inception, the band have been relentless in their quest to establish themselves as an intense live band, playing countless dates up and down the east coast and Midwest, and becoming somewhat of a local phenomenon in their local hood of South Jersey. Their tireless work ethic has paid off, garnering them stints on the road with bands like Coheed And Cambria, Elliott, and Further Seems Forever. Never ones to forget where they’ve come from, these tours not only gained Outsmarting Simon a large fan base, but also made them a ton of friends, the majority of which the band still keeps in touch with regularly.

After several years of toiling away, the band self-released their debut album, Silent, Sober, and Sound, much to the delight of their small, but growing fanbase. Chiming guitars and thought provoking lyrics abound throughout each of the thirteen tracks. Grand soundscapes and contrasting dynamics, due in no small part to their intimate understanding of mathematics (again with the engineering degree) create a record that instills both tranquility and excitement in listeners of all genres. The album soon caught the ears of Triple Crown Records, a label that they’ve now come to call home. Silent, Sober, and Sound is set to propel the band out in the open and into the collective indie-rock subconscious.

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