Lux Courageous

December 2001, frustration took its toll on the lives of Adam LoPorto and PJ Tepe. The state of music was exhausted. Lux Courageous was, at that time, banded in hopes of becoming a catalyst for a changing music scene. Well, a two man, acoustic guitar act didn’t pack enough ammo for the band. PJ and Adam decided to move towards a full band. Later the following year, Chris Valentino, a life long friend of both Pj and Adam’s, entered the picture. At 16 he proved to be a valuable addition to the band adding immense dimension. Jani Zubkovs later joined as a modest bass player that deepened the music beyond what the boys had hoped for and never imagined how much he would later contribute.

The band quickly gained a strong local following, thanks to the serious scene they evolved from. Playing shows all over Long Island quickly turned into playing shows all over the Tri-state area and shipping out to various festivals in the mid-west every summer. Needless to say, things started happening very fast.

In 2003 Lux Courageous independently released their first set of recordings; a self-titled EP (called “The Lion EP” by most that refer to it). This EP featured 4 moving tracks erupting with energy, speed and harmony. Also featured on this recording was a piano player by the name of Justin Williams who has recently joined the band full time.

People frequently ask, “what does Lux Courageous sound like?” The answer has yet to be determined. Every single song written has a totally different feel to it. Some are killer pop songs, others are mature rock ballads, ode’s to their influencers. Brilliant guitars, round, yet staccato bass and such technical and innovative drums provide a formula for songs you can’t stop humming after you hear them for the first time.

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